Catalinbread Heliotrope

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Catalinbread Heliotrope – bitcrushing, octave, ringmod, lo-fi goodness!

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Catalinbread’s Harmonic Pixelator.
A unique Analog blend of bitcrushing, octave, ringmod, lo-fi goodness.
High and Low range switch.
Run clean or with Gain to distort and compress.
2.34″ x 4.39″ pedal
Battery operation or 9v-18v Negative Tip DC Power
1 mA draw

What do you call an effect that isn’t quite a Bit Crusher, or an Octave, or a Harmonizer, or a Ring Modulator, or a Lo-Fi dirt box/fuzz – but a bit of a blend of each? Yeah – we don’t know either, so we came up with “Harmonic Pixelator”.

The Heliotrope is an “analog bit crusher” of sorts. Since there is no analog to digital conversion happening it isn’t a true bit crusher, hence the name “Harmonic Pixelator”. It works with guitar, bass, keyboards, etc. We designed the pedal to be intuitive and easy to use even though what it is capable of sonically is actually quite complex and varied. The Heliotrope can be powered from a 9v-18v adapter or a 9v battery. At 18v you’ll notice more output volume and headroom is available.

• The HI/LO switch switches the frequency range of the Heliotrope’s carrier frequency.
• The SAMPLE RATE is the fine adjustment of the carrier frequency within the given range.
• The RESOLUTION control determines the duty cycle or the ratio of on to off time of the Carrier Frequency. The effect of this control is somewhat like focusing the lens on a camera, you can make it as sharp or as blurry as you’d like.
• VOLUME controls your overall output volume.
• GAIN distorts and compresses the signal. You can get a decent amount of grit and fuzz out of it for more squarewave synthy type stuff.