FuzzHugger FX Phantom Arcade octave fuzz

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FuzzHugger FX Phantom Arcade octave fuzz

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The Phantom Arcade is a master of octaves (up and down!), glitching, heavily filtered tones, and a wide range of fuzzes!
It is THE videogame sounds pedal…yet it features an amazing amount of useful and usable tones…and an incredible
amount of fun!

The Phantom Arcade generates an incredibly wide range of unique-but-usable octave and ring modulation effects. Semi-
clean octave up, ring mod tones, funky gated cleanish tones, fat and nasty octave down, glitching, phantom octave tones
(subtle, disappearing and reappearing octaves), fuzzed out ring modulator tones, smooth fuzz, nasty fuzz, and blistering
octave up fuzz! (So many tones it takes a run-on sentence to cover them!)

Interactive and versatile, the Phantom Arcade delivers unique and refreshing tones with a range that goes far beyond your
average guitar pedal.

• Hi-Ring Mode (right footswitch): Slightly dirty octave up with ring mod tones and artifacts. (Use your neck pickup for the
best tone! Octave up is especially pronounced above the 12th fret!
• 1-up (knob): Controls intensity of Mode One’s octave up. Turn it up for less intense octave, and all the way right for a touch
of dying sputter.
• Hi-Score (knob): Adjusts highs! Mellow out the cleanish octave or the intensity in octave up fuzz mode).

• Lo-Glitch Mode (left footswitch): Octave down, more intense ring mod tones, glitch tones, and smoother fuzz tones, with
Level and Voice mod to activate octave/glitch.
• Glitch (knob): Blends in the intensity and glitchy-ness of the octave down effect! From smooth fuzz to monstrous phantom!

• Oct-Up Fuzz Mode (both footswitches on): Octave up fuzz! Blistering octave up, nasty fuzz, and high gain. (Adjust intensity
with 1-up knob. The Hi-Score and Glitch knobs work as hi-trimmers in this mode, and you’ll likely want em!)

• Turbo Mode (middle toggle and knob) (both footswitches on, middle toggle activated, indicated by red LED): The
anything-goes insanity of an imploding arcade filled with phantoms! Filters, glitches, drones, and more! Highly interactive
and indescribable.

• Best placed first (or at least early) in your effects chain, with no buffered bypass in front of it or active pickups. (This is
for Mode Two, which functions on impedance–the better your signal, the more dramatic the tones!) For the most
extreme tones, make sure your Tone control is turned all the way up!