Mantic Effects Isaiah delay


Mantic Effects Isaiah delay

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Developed closely with world renowned keyboardist, prolific producer, and 2 time Grammy winner Ikey Owens (Jack White’s Buzzards, The Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents), this classic sounding PT-based digital/analog hybrid delay offers warm characteristics and subtle artifacts of analog and tape with the consistency and diversity of digital.

The feedback range is quite extended, allowing for more than enough self-oscillation for the experimentalist. The preamp section is completely analog and uses the infamously tasteful 4558 IC with the „Mix“ control being fairly conservative to avoid over saturation and/or „muddying“ of the original signal. The characteristics and tone are fairly dark.

Suggested pairing: Fernet Leopold


-True Bypass

-Heavy duty 3PDT footswitch

-Industry standard 9-12v DC barrel jack (center negative)

-Rugged, hand-stamped, die-cast enclosure

-Expression pedal jack to control the „Rate“ (compatible with Moog EP-3)

-50mA current draw