Fredric Effects – Harmonic Percolator


Fredric Effects – Harmonic Percolator

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This is an improved clone of the Interfax Harmonic Percolator, an oddball overdrive/distortion pedal from the 1970s popularised by Steve Albini of Shellac. Built to the most recent ‚general consensus‘ schematic, only with the addition of a switch to offer three different clipping options which adds to the versatility of the effect.

All the hard-to-find parts of the originals, but in a modern pedal-board friendly package, with DC power, LED indicator and normal rotary pots instead of sliders.

High Quality:

Custom enclosure fabricated for Fredric Effects in North London
Professional powder coating and screen print
PCB construction (not perf or vero)
Cliff jacks
Alpha footswitch and pots