Rainger FX Air Traffic Controller


Rainger FX Air Traffic Controller

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Guitar overdrive with unique synthy edge. High resonance filtering. Multiple control options. Amazing enclosure and LED display. A totally new kind of effect

The Air Traffic Controller mixes a Rainger FX optimum distortion circuit with a white noise ‚hiss‘ generator, and sends the sound through a low pass filter. The cut-off frequency of the filter is controlled in three possible ways; by the envelope of the note (the volume), the pitch of the note, or in a random mode.

This gives variations ranging from a biting edgy funk tone, to airy whisps of sound (hence the name), from fusiony solo-ing with ’synth tracking‘ to dense shoe-gazy walls of distortion, guitar/electronic-percussion morphing… It’s a hugely flexible palette of sounds that’s never been possible before.

The white noise hiss mimics the dynamics of the guitar sound – loud at the start of the note, then dying away to total silence when the guitar does too. For a pedal with such a lot going on it’s incredibly quiet when it should be.

‚Distort‘ adjusts the amount of distortion, ‚Air – Signal‘ controls the blend of guitar to white noise (ranging from only guitar to only white noise, and everything in between). ‚Resonance‘ adjusts how noticeable the cut-off frequency is, while ‚Level‘ decides the output volume.

The top panel has a three-way rotary knob for filter-controlling options, a ‚DC in‘ socket, and a ‚Hi/Lo‘ button to allow for whether your guitar is active or passive.

The runway landing lights display pattern runs when a signal is present.

– *A whole new approach to ’synth‘ effects pedals
– *Three different ways of controlling the filter
– *Full, tonally-balanced distortion sounds
– *Can do submarine ‚pings‘
– *Keeps the underlying character and tone of your guitar
– *Unmatched incredible sonic flexibility
– *Hi/Lo button for adapting to high output guitars
– *Fantastic for wide-ranging styles of music, including techno-rock, fusion/funk, shoe-gaze, electro, synth-pop, noise-based…
– *Extremely high volume available
– *Runway landing lights in a moving pattern to ensure safe landing
– *Deeply cool ‚contol panel‘ steel enclosure (Rainger FX custom asymmetrical design)
– *True bypass hard wired footswitching
– *Powered by 9v battery or power supply unit