Rainger FX El Distorto


Rainger FX El Distorto distortion

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Rainger FX El Distorto. Mini distortion package. Fuzz and offset fuzz sounds. Unique offset enclosure. Drive and volume controls. Narrow pedalboard footprint. Cute as hell…

This is a silicon diode-based distortion pedal, housed in an asymmetric metal enclosure (designed by Rainger FX). It’s a full, tonally balanced distortion sound with a specific mid frequency-adjusted accent, and going to more all-out fuzz on high settings. Main panel knobs are ‚drive‘ and ‚volume‘.

On the back panel is a switch that de-stabilises an offset in the circuit – adding a new level of harmonic-sensitive ‚unstable‘ fuzz tones.

The pedal is hard-wired for true bypass footswitching, and comes with a rockpick – a unique double-pointed plectrum that accentuates the higher harmonics of the note, which – when used with the El Distorto – adds more attack and extra squeal.

There are no sockets on the sides – which would take up too much space, so the input and output are on antennae, out of the way on the top panel. These are Neutrik sockets which securely lock the jackplug in place, stopping any accidental unplugging during use.

In between them is the ‚DC‘ in socket, though the El Distorto also can run on an internal 9v battery.The status of the effect is indicated by the ‚angry eyebrows‘ LEDs.

Main Features
– * Really tasty distortion sounds
– * Unstable offset fuzz switch
– * Cool asymmetrical metal box
– * Drive and volume controls
– * Try it with the Rockpick (supplied) for extra squeal
– * Unique plugging arrangement
– * Locking input/output sockets
– * Hard-wired true bypass switching
– * Very small pedalboard footprint
– * Deeply cute alien vibe
– * Powered by 9 volt battery or DC in socket