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Lastgasp Art Laboratories – Cyber Psychic parametric oscillo filter

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The „CYBER PSYCHIC parametric oscillo filter“ (CP) is a parametric filter pedal with it’s own internal oscillation system.

The parametric filter is a filter effect that changes the tone by passing only the signal of specific frequency bands, thus cutting the signal of other frequency bands.

It creates sounds by mixing the input signal with oscillation sounds. These oscillating sounds are created by a combination of three self-generated oscillating systems within the pedal.

It can filter softly, or make chaotic noise with it’s self generated oscillation. The „CP parametric oscillo filter“ is a filter with an added touch!

LEVEL – Controls the output level
PREAMP – Controls the input level
GAIN – Controls the gain level
OSC1 – Controls the pulse oscillation sound
OSC2 – Controls the oscillation sound
Q – Controls the resonance of the filter/the oscillation sound
FREQ – Controls the center of the frequency

GAIN controls the overall gain level, it makes a distortion sound and controls the sensitivity of the oscillation.
The resonance becomes sharp when Q is turned to the right. At it’s sharpest point it will begin oscillating. *Turn the OSC1, the OSC2 and the Q slowly, as it tends to begin oscillating suddenly.

On the top side, there are jacks for an INPUT, an OUTPUT, a CV PEDAL and an AC ADAPTER. The CV PEDAL (expression pedal) jack can be connected to a CV pedal for „FREQ“ alterations. If you have a foot CV pedal, you can control the „FREQ“ with your foot.