Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz


Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz


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Capable of one or two octaves down.
Continuous Blend between fuzz and sub octave.
Monophonic precision or polyphonic glitchiness.
Cut control to tune Perseus to your rig.
Tracks better than other analog sub-octave fuzz pedals.

Technical Specifications
2.34″ x 4.39″ pedal
Battery operation or 9v Negative Tip DC Power
1 mA draw

• The Octave switch allows you to choose whether the sub-octave is one or two octaves down.
• The Volume has PLENTY of output so you can pummel your amp to your heart’s desire! Unity volume is around 10:00.
• The Blend allows you mix the fuzz and octave sounds in any amount you want. Full-counterclockwise will let you use just the fuzz sound. Full-clockwise will give you just the octave-down sound.
• The Cut control is something special on the Perseus. Turn the Cut control full-counterclockwise for maximum bass frequency domination. Turn it clockwise to trim the fat. This enables you to tune the Perseus to your amp or to create cool textures for lead playing.