Devi Ever – Torn’s Peaker/Aenima Combo


Devi Ever – Torn's Peaker/Aenima Combo

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This pedal is a combination of the Devi Ever Torn’s Peaker and Aenima pedals.

The Torn’s Peaker is fuzz LOVE.. this is fuzz with ALL the flaws.. all the little grime and compression and unclean, ungodly, unholy sounds that distorted wave forms originated from! Sliced up speaker cones over-driven pre-amps on mixing boards of the 50s sessions recorded directly to vinyl before the days of tape and processors.

Aenima is inspired by the great sludgy rock tones of Tool, the Aenima is a high gain fuzz that is noisy. Noisy like your brain is noisy after doing too much lysergic acid diethylamide and cannabis sativa.


Intense Fuzz
Volume Control
Texture Control
“Worse” Switch
TP/AE Mix Control
True Bypass Footswitch