Magnetic Effects – Solar Bender Fuzz


Magnetic Effects – Solar Bender Fuzz

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The Solar Bender is a clone of the famous Tonebender MK II complete with NOS PNP germanium transistors and Reverse Polarity Circuit. A classic fuzz and for good reason! The Tonebender MKII is a wonderful fuzz, with a great saturated tone, that slips into controllable feedback easily. Most notably used to great effect by Jimmy Page on the early Led Zeppelin records.

In addition to the regular Attack and Level controls that the original had, the Solar Bender features a bias knob. The bias knob allows you to compensate for temperature changes that can sometimes affect germanium transistors. Also, the bias knob can be used to alter the tone slightly, or to intentionally mis-bias the transistors, to create broken or gated types of tones.

The Fat switch enhances the bass response of the pedal for a fuller low end.

The Solar Bender uses three selected and tested NOS PNP germanium transistors. These transistors require a different polarity power supply than modern pedals. For your convenience, the Solar Bender features a charge pump acting as a polarity reverse circuit. This enables you to run the pedal on a standard 9V centre negative adapter and even daisy chain it with other pedals. This makes the Solar Bender a lot more practical and pedal board friendly than the original Tonebender MKII and many of its clones.