Pettyjohn Electronics – PettyDrive Deluxe


Pettyjohn Electronics – PettyDrive Deluxe

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The PettyDrive is a studio-grade dual-channel analog overdrive pedal engineered to deliver the powerful tone and dynamic feel of boutique tube amps pushed to the edge of breakup. Each of the two fully independent channels are uniquely voiced to compliment each other and provide a wide range of sounds that range from thick, saturated American iron and growl to harmonically-rich British-like chime. Only the highest possible quality audiophile components are used to ensure the lowest noise, years of reliability and the most articulate tone possible. The PettyDrive is a serious Tool for Tone, built for the modern working guitarist in mind with a balance of advanced tone shaping features, general ease-of-use and tone that truly inspires.

Unique Features:
– Hot-Rodded Chrome Knobs
– Professional Studio-Grade Discrete Opamp Input Buffer Chip
– Channel 2 is equipped with all Burr-Brown chips for maximum clarity and transparency.
– Silver Nameplate

Main Features:
– Two Fully Independent, Stackable Overdrive Circuits
– Channel 1/2 Order Flip
– Unique Parallel Effects Loop on Channel 2 for New Pedal Combinations
– Available with Standard or Deluxe Chip Set
– Built with Highest Possible Quality, Audiophile Components for Excellent Reliability and Performance
– Symmetrical Control Layout
– Always-On Studio Grade Input Buffer for Zero-Loss Bypassed Tone
– Internal True-Bypass Switching
– Internal Charge Pump for Extra High Headroom
– Easily Powered by Standard Pedal Power 9v-15v DC (-)
– Current Draw: 100 mA
– Cool Red Jewel Light Indicators
– Made in the USA

Channel 1: Chime Drive
– A unique preamp circuit that can be configured as a Boost or Low Gain Drive
– Tilt EQ tone knob with Orange Drop Filter Caps for Sweet Tone Shaping
– 3-Way Clipping/Headroom Mini-Toggle
– 3-Way Low Cut Mini-Toggle
– Use Independently or Stack with Channel 2

Channel 2: Iron Drive
– Low to Medium Gain Overdrive voiced for Thick, Smoothly Saturated Tone
– Clean Mix Knob for Enhanced Feel and Dynamics
– Parallel Effects Loop for Combining Other Pedals in Totally New Ways!!
– 3-Way Clipping Mini-Toggle gives access to Asymmetrical Silicone, LED and MOSFET clipping sections, Chosen for Their Unique Tonal Qualities.
– 3-Way Low Cut Mini-Toggle
– High-Cut Tone Knob for Taming Harsh High Frequencies