Mattoverse Electronics Double Wubble


Mattoverse Electronics Double Wubble

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The Double Wubble from Mattoverse Electronics is essentially two Wobble Room’s in one box. So you have two chorusy vibrato effects that can go from light chorus sounds to incredibly sea sick wobbles all with a bit of subtle room reverb ambience.

Both Side 1 and Side 2 have Controls for Rate, Depth, Wobble, & Mix. There is also a switch that allows you to drive Side 2 with Side 1 for some fun and unique LFO rhythms.

So you can setup of vibrato sounds operating at different rates and depths etc..

The Depth and Wobble controls are highly interactive: For example, a tiny bit of Wobble with a lot of depth, a lot of Wobble with a little bit of depth and everything in between. The Mix control furthers your ability to dial in just the sound you are looking for.

Every pedal is hand-made, numbered, and built in limited quantities.

Works with guitar or bass.


– True Bypass
– Heavy duty professionally powder coated and screen printed enclosure
– Neutrik Jacks
– Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Power only (not included)