Bondi Effects 2026 Compressor


Bondi Effects 2026 Compressor

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Compressors have always been a struggle for me. I often found the compressors I liked had to sacrifice something for the sake of preserving my tone. OTA style compressors (like the Ross) cut the highs too much for my liking, and many tried to solve this problem with a clean-blend knob; but to my mind, this just negated the point of using a compressor pedal to begin with. Optical compressors had a more transparent tone because of their slow attack and release rates, but were not ideal for more overt compression. So after two years of learning and experimenting with compression, I am pleased to offer the 2026 Compressor.

The 2026 Compressor is a full featured, high performance Blackmer® VCA powered compressor/limiter. It has all five traditional compression controls; RATIO, THRESHOLD, LEVEL, ATTACK and RELEASE; as well as a KNEE toggle switch. The 2026 is a completely transparent compressor. It does not filter or effect your tone in any way other than compressing it. Because of this it works equally well for bass as well as guitar.

I wanted the 2026 to be as simple or advanced as you’d like it to be, so there are two modes. BLUE is DYNAMIC mode. Use this if you want to just plug and play, set your threshold, ratio and level, and your attack and release will be set by your playing dynamics. RED is MANUAL mode. In manual mode you set the attack and release via the knobs.

In both modes the LED will turn white when compression is happening, so use this to set your threshold.


– High performance Blackmer® VCA powered compression
– Ratio from 1:1 (no compression) to ∞:1 (limiting).
– Threshold from -50dB to 10dB
– LED turns white to indicate compression is happening
– Manual or Dynamic Attack/Release modes
– Attack from 0.15-15mS/dB (1.5-150mS for a 10dB change)
– Release from 1.5-150mS/dB (150-1500mS for a 10dB change)
– Hard-Knee for standard compressor functionality or Soft-Knee to ease in the ratio gradually as you play harder.
– 20dB of cut or boost.
– Soft touch buffered bypass
– Current consumption 25 mA