Foxpedal Refinery Compressor


Foxpedal Refinery Compressor

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A good compressor can be used to add sustain to your clean tone, create volume consistency across notes, chords and strings. Notes that last forever like David Gilmour, fluid lead lines like the great country guitarists, beautiful swells, you name it.

The Refinery is a five-knob compressor for ultimate control over your signal. Built around an Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA), the Refinery takes some of the great compressor designs of the past into the modern age with an incredibly low noise floor and more headroom.

The Refinery offers control over:

– Attack – The time it takes for the compression to engage when a loud signal is introduced.
– Release- The time it takes for the gain to recover after the loud signal has passed.
– Ratio – How much the gain reduces during compression. The refinery accomplishes this by blending uncompressed signal with the compressed response. Fully clockwise produces maximum compression and sustain. At maximum, the refinery is capable of infinite ratio (Acting as a limiter).
– Sustain (threshold) – Controls how large the input signal must be before compression is engaged. Fully clockwise produces maximum sustain.
– Level – Compression by nature reduces the signals overall volume. This control re-adds gain to allow you to recover any gain lost during compression. Set your compression settings then dial back in the level to recover.
– Bright toggle – A lot of players like to add some sparkle back to a compressed signal. This toggle allows you to boost some treble frequencies.


2.6″W x 4.6″H x 1.5″D