Seppuku FX Memory Loss


Seppuku FX Memory Loss

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The memory loss allows you to manipulate the incoming signal using strange grounding techniques and a lofi delay chip. By fine tuning the effect with the glitch control you can slice up sound in unique paterns or manipulate 44Kb of ram to explore beautiful broken soundscapes of uneven gated echoes and percussive, creeping feedback loops.

The main contol is the GLITCH (DATA) knob which adjusts the impact that the input has on the stability of the echo chip. By turning it all the way up the threshold will be breached and the echo will switch off. For gitching and slicing effects, turn the glitch control back slighty so that only the ‘signal peaks’ breach the threshold and causing sporadic chip resets. It can also be used as a balance control for blending in some dry signal with the echo.

The REPEATS knob controls the feedback of the echo chip. Echoes will creep up in between each chip reset.. CLOCK controls the delay. Shorter delay times compact the glitches. Signal peaks are dispalyed by the LED and can be very helpful as a visual guide to whats happening inside.

The sensitivity of the pedal generates endless room for experimentation and used alongside other effects it adapts and develops different characteristics.