Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop


Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop Looper Pedal

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The Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop is a compact yet durable true-bypass loop. Get all the junk out of your signal. The Rodeo loop can isolate any pedal (or series of pedals) out of your signal chain. You can also use the Rodeo Loop to trigger multiple pedals simultaneously.


-Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn.
-Lifetime Warranty (Barring Abuse)
-True Bypass Switching
-Flying Leads to all Jacks
-Neutrik 1/4 inch Signal Jacks
-Powder-Coated Durable Finish
-Customer-Service Ready to Help
-Dual Quality-Control Testing
-Hand Signed and Numbered


Power Supply:
9 Volt DC 200 mA Center – 2.1mm

Power Consumption:
Under Review

4.37″ x 2.37″ x 1.07″
11.1 x 6.02 x 2.72 cm