Alexander Pedals Jubilee Silver Overdrive


Alexander Pedals Jubilee Silver Overdrive

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Roaring like a British Lion from Wembley to the Sunset Strip, the Jubilee is ready to melt faces. Sure, it can do subtle but that’s no fun. Crank it up and rock out.


Loudness: Controls the output level of the pedal.

Drive: Adjusts the gain and distortion of the pedal.

Treble / Middle / Bass: Passive three-band tone stack, voiced like a British amplifier.

Power Supply:

The Jubilee requires a DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative. The Jubilee will operate on power supply voltages up to 18V and does not use a battery. The Jubilee should work fine on a multi-pedal “daisy chain” connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply.