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Lastgasp Art Laboratories Transroom

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The “TRANSROOM – analog modulation reverb” (TRR) is a effect pedal which creates reverb/echo.

Characterized by a warm reverberation sound which is produced by using BBD chips.

The TRR can also modulate the reverb effects to create rich multi tap chorus and winding vibrato sounds.

There is the “EXP” jack to control the “D.TIME” with the expression pedal.

From the top left; “EFFECT LEVEL”, “DECAY”, the middle right: “D.TIME”, the middle left and the bottom: “MOD-DEPTH” and “MOD-RATE”. The “EFFECT LEVEL” controls the effect sound level (reverb), which is added to the dry signal when the effect is on. The “DECAY” controls the length of reverb decay. The “D-TIME” controls the delay time to adjust the size of room. The “MOD-DEPTH” controls the delay time’s modulation depth. The “MOD-RATE” controls the rate of modulation.

On the top side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER, EXP, OUTPUT (stereo), OUTPUT (mono) and INPUT. As for the expression pedal to connect the “EXP” jack, the “Roland EV-5″* can control the full range of the “D.TIME”.

The TRR contains an analog IC called a “BBD”. Only a handful of BBD reverb pedals were produced in mid-late 80s, before analog reverb gave way to digital production, thus halting any further unique advancements within the analog realm. Lastgasp Art Laboratories feels it’s too bad to keep burying the beautiful analog sound.

You will enjoy the effects of reverb, chorus and vibrato in a way that makes your room feel that is deforming around you, all in one analog box!

– SIZE: L:120mm W:90mm H:60mm
– WEIGHT: 300g
– JACKS: INPUT, OUTPUT (stereo), OUTPUT (mono), EXP
– POWER: BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V “barrel” type tip negative)