Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets


Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets

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Infinite Jets tracks the dynamics of your playing, samples individual notes and chords, and then reinterprets them as new sounds using two independent channels of infinite sustain. It offers 4 separate sampling effects in one: Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell.

Create lush ambient textures that seamlessly fade from one chord to the next, infinite sustain, glitching granular loops, filtered synthesizer sounds, violin-like fuzz and swell effects, drones, distorted delay and vibrato, and much more.


– Two independent channels of sampling, allowing for infinite sustain of two different notes or chords at a time
– Samplers can be triggered automatically by note attack or in manual mode via footswitch
– 4 separate effect styles (Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell)
– 10 preset variations
– 2 User Save slots
– Envelope Shape control, for changing the attack and decay characteristics of sampled notes
– Dimension control, for manipulating parameters unique to each effect
– Record and Save Knob Movements
– Internal LFO and Envelope Generators for control of Dimension and sampling channel volume
– Digitally-Controlled-Analog Drive, Tone, and Dry Mix controls
– Analog Dry Path
– Expression Pedal Input, mappable to many controls
– True Bypass Switching (electromechanical relay)