Lastgasp Art Laboratories Flikrrr

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Lastgasp Art Laboratories Flikrrr

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The “FLIKRRR – flickering tremolo” (FLK) is a tremolo effect pedal inspired by the natural patterns and fluctuations found throughout nature.

Styled upon the natural phenomenon known as 1/f fluctuation, it is characterized here by gentle swaying tremolo patterns.

You can make volume changes reminiscent of the soft sway of a candle flame, or the flicker of a fluorescent lamp.

From the left; “LEVEL”, “DEPTH”, “SHAPE”. The “LEVEL” controls the overall output level when the effect is on. The “DEPTH” controls the depth of effect. The “SHAPE” controls the mix balance of wave forms. The left position for the sine wave, and turn to the right to shape to the square wave.

On the left side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER and the OUTPUT.

On the right side, there is an INPUT jack. This jack is also a power switch. When not in use, be sure to unplug the cord from the input jack.

The Flikrrr makes you feel like you are listening to music in a gentle breeze or in a candle lit room; or for that matter- in a candle lit room that has a gentle breeze going through it.

– SIZE: L:70mm W:115mm H:55mm
– WEIGHT: 280g
– POWER: BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V “barrel” type tip negative)