Divine Noise Combo Amp Cable – 1 speaker

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Divine Noise Combo Amp Cable – 1 speaker

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Divine Noise Combo Amp Cable – 1 speaker

Length: Black section of the cable is 24cm, and entire length of cable from end to end is 38cm

Most tube combo amps come stock with small gauge speaker wire. These meager speaker wires cause a significant power loss that occurs through cable resistance, forcing your amp to work harder than it should. This increased workload results in a poor damping factor, which, in turn leaves you with a “mushy” low-end while making the high end “brittle”.

The output of your amp is opposite of the guitar’s signal; low impedance high power. Our speaker cable is made to carry a relatively high AC current and voltage from the output of your amp to the speakers. Optimal signal flow is achieved by using large diameter cable from the amp to the speakers.

– Made from 12 AWG stranded Oxygen Free Copper which offers very low capacitance and inductance for a pure clean warm sound
– The twisted-pair wire construction eliminates hum
– Easy installation, no soldering required
– Every cable is soldered by hand using the highest quality silver solder
– Jumbo G&H Plugs
– Completely made by hand in the USA
– Divine Noise offers a lifetime no hassle warranty on every cable