Infanem 141G Fuzz


Infanem 141G Fuzz

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The 141G Fuzz follows a typical Infanem formula: start with inspiring sounds, stretch them further with intuitive controls, then pack everything up neatly in the smallest possible enclosure. The result is a fuzzbox that pairs a huge range of modern textures and oscillation tones with classic touch sensitivity.

You also get high input impedance so the 141 G plays nice with all input sources, bass-friendly frequency response, and no finicky temperature sensitivities. And, thanks to its transparent gate control, you can have all the wild oscillation-driven fuzztones your heart desires while gating out oscillation between notes.


Input gain.

Volume. There’s plenty on tap and a logarithmic potentiometer keeps it smoothly controllable.

Filtered variably positive and negative feedback loops! These are the secret to the 141G’s tonal range. Start at 12 o’clock and experiment.

LOW: Mostly affects the bass and low mids. Turn it up for more doomy rumble and a muffier feel. Trim it down for more sharp definition. Oscillations from higher LOW FOCUS settings favor subharmonic pulses and bass drones.

HIGH: Mostly affects the treble and high mids. Turn it up for more blow-your-ears-up noiserock screams and high note definition. Trim it down for less abrasive sounds. Oscillations from higher HIGH FOCUS settings are generally high frequency squeals. Add in some LOW FOCUS to pull the pitch down to midrange and upper bass frequencies.

A transparent gate control that retains all of the character, tone, and feel of your fuzztone without the noise between notes. Indeed, your source remains connected to the fuzz circuit and the circuit is allowed to continue oscillating; it’s just disconnected from the output.

The gate triggers directly from the input, allowing the threshold to remain fixed regardless of IN/FOCUS settings.


Top-mounted jacks. Right to left: Input , power, output.
Standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9VDC input, negative tip. Current draw is under 50mA. Precise draw TBA.
Tech details:

True bypass switching.
1590B Hammond enclosure (4.4 x2.4 in) in brushed aluminum with black graphics. All screen printing, machining, and assembly done in-house in Oakland, CA.
Discrete transistor fuzz circuit is an original Infanem design.
Double sided, through-hole plated PCBs produced in Mulino, OR and assembled in-house using high quality components.