ARC Effects Klone V2 Gold


ARC Effects Klone V2 Gold with Oxblood Dakaware Knobs

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ARC Effects Klone V2 Gold with Oxblood Dakaware Knobs

The ARC Effects Klone is a faithful recreation of the now out of production and highly sought after „K“ overdrive pedal. Known for it’s unbeatable clean boost, incredibly dynamic overdriven sound, and ability to stand out the mix, the „K“ circuit is held to the highest standards for many. The ARC Effects Klone encompasses all of the characteristics of the original by using the exact, part for part, values as the original, premium components, and attentive wiring. The Klone V2 takes this already incredible circuit one step further with the addition of an internal DIP switch for an added bass boost option. This was the single most requested feature and since you asked, we answered! With the DIP switch turned to the ‚Off‘ position you have a completely unaltered Klone just as you did in V1 but with it engaged you have a „fatter“ full frequency overdriven sound further increasing the versatility of this great circuit. On top of the same circuitry it is also much smaller and more pedalboard friendly with exterior dimensions of 4.67″ x 3.68″ x 1.18″.


Buffered Bypass
DC Jack (standard Boss style 9v – ISOLATED ONLY – no daisy chains)
Internal Battery Cradle