Mantic Effects Density Hulk


Mantic Effects Density Hulk

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Sub-harmonizer and Low Frequency booster:

Pressing low end that’s almost too heavy to hold, The Mantic DENSITY HULK power-lifts sub tech to the next level.

Heavily inspired by the infamous 1995 DOD Meatbox and DBX BoomBox, the DENSITY HULK flexes improvements over the original that make this box more juiced and road-ready than the Tour de France: a heavy-duty footswitch for clean, true bypass switching, Alpha potentiometers, the modern standard 9v barrel power jack, premium hand etched PCB populated with top-shelf components. Each Density Hulk is completely hand soldered, wired, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A, ensuring military-grade reliability certain to withstand the ‘roid-raged rigors of even the most hypertrophic of tours.


-Only premium quality components on a hand-etched, hand-soldered PCB.

-Mechanical True-Bypass via heavy duty 3pdt footswitch

-Rugged construction using lightly polished, hand stamped, die cast enclosure (119mm x 94mm x 30mm)

-Metal stepgaurd (30mm)

-Dry Output jack

-9v DC center-negative barrel jack (Boss style)

-20mA current draw

*DISCLAIMER: This module produces low end frequencies that may have the ability to damage and/or destroy property and bodily health. Potential damages, of which Mantic Conceptual will be held to no liability for whatsoever, include but are not limited to: amp speakers, windows, mirrors, wall-hung picture/photo frames, family heirlooms such as fine china or vases, aquariums/terrariums, popularity amongst neighbors and/or the elderly, building foundations, the hearing of yourself and those in the vicinity of this units amplified operation, and, possibly, bladder and neurological function.