Solid Gold FX Nitro boost


Solid Gold FX Nitro boost

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The Nitro is our answer for those in need of a highly transparent low noise boost. With its simple yet effective controls the Nitro offers up everything from clean full frequency lift to down and dirty dynamic push. With a pair of 3-position toggle switches controlling both Tone and Clipping, the Nitro offers a total of 9 distinct settings making it a very versatile yet simple pedal. The Tone ranges include a bold and full setting, in addition to a flat response and a chimey “Top Boost” setting. In Clean mode, the nitro adds lively character and sparkle to your tone, while retaining all the nuances of your playing style. Set to either of the two Dirty modes, the Nitro produces a mild, natural sounding, grind that glistens with rich harmonic overtones. Leave the Nitro on at the beginning of your chain to add some extra charm to your tone, crank it in front of a tube amp for some of the sweetest distortion imaginable, slam it into a drive pedal for even more juice, or place it at the end of your chain for an awesome solo boost! Whatever your needs may be the Nitro will give your rig the power to pull ahead of the pack.