Industrialectric Generator 7446


Industrialectric Generator 7446

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If the 4046-m and our old squarewave generator pedals had a child, that child would be named generator 7446. It’s kind of hard to explain what it is but we can try… A thick gated and modulating filtered fuzz, square wave hard tremolo, hyper modulating ringmod with three distinct (wave/phase modes) and a stable pll synth all controllable with a passive expression pedal, moog ep-3, etc. Also controllable with your foot or hand on the front panel with a ldr (light dependent resistor) that can sweep through all the modes and sounds. It’s truly a wild and unique pedal.

– true bypass

– 9vdc power operation

– reverse polarity circuit protection

– enclosure size: 5.5” l x 3.5” w x 2” d