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smallsound/bigsound mini fuzzy JFET overdrive

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the mini came into existence by request from many customers who loved the sound of the fuck overdrive but wished for a smaller package. i decided to pare down the functionality, yet add on some additional features so that the two pedals could live on a pedalboard together and each have their own strengths. more bass was added to the circuit to make it an enticing choice for bassists and keyboard players and the controls were streamlined to make it a more easy-to-digest pedal.

with the mini, you get the same lovely JFET overdrive at the core. a very simple bias knob allows the user to dial in saggy lo-fi, low-watt amp tones to clean chime-y hi-fi. with the addition of extra bass, a bass cut knob allows for a range of even cleaner, sparkle-y treble boost tones or huge low end suitable as a bass overdrive or full-range boost.

please use a standard 9V DC power supply (designed for musical instruments) with a negative center 2.1mm barrel and do NOT run at higher voltages. peak current draw is around 12mA.

gain: simultaneously controls 2 gain stages for an extremely wide range from clean boost to overdrive to fuzz. this control hugely impacts the volume, so be careful…

volume: simple enough. it can be LOUD, depending on the settings of the gain control, so start with it low.

treble: a passive LPF.

bass: a passive HPF which is pre-gain, so less bass means a cleaner signal and more bass means more saturated gain.

bias: a variant on a starve control which many pedals feature. optimal working voltage is around noon, with lower voltage counterclockwise for broken-up, gritty low-wattage amp tones and clockwise for more headroom and clarity.