TOMKAT Pedals – Ripper Octave Fuzz


TOMKAT Pedals – Ripper Octave Fuzz

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The RIPPER is my recreation of the classic Ibanez Standard Fuzz from the late 60’s. Works great with bass or guitar. It’s a nasty upper octave fuzz similar to the univox super fuzz which gives you ripping lead notes and messed up mushy chords.

LEVEL: Controls the volume of the effect.

FUZZ: Controls the amount of fuzz.

CLIP: Changes the clipping diodes in the circuit. The down position puts two old stock germanium diodes into the circuit for classic “Standard Fuzz” tones that are super mushy and dirty. The up position puts two modern 1N914 silicone diodes in for louder, open, more chord friendly tones

TONE: changes between two overal tones. scooped mids like a muff, and boosted mids for octavia-ish fuzz.

This pedal is true bypass and works with normal boss style negative center 9V power supplies. There is no battery option.

This pedal was hand made all the way down to the design of the circuit board. I used NOS parts for the transistors and diodes, as well as high quality switches and pots.