Dr.No – PowerDriver MKII


Dr.No – PowerDriver MKII Overdrive

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The Newest DrNo creation makes his Red monster the new standard for Green! We all get overwhelmed by overdrive pedals, in many forms, colours and shapes. I believe every brand, Boutique builder has to build his own Overdrive pedal, because there are still differences or upgrades to add. Because it’s one of the most delicate effects you can add to your pedal-board, building a good one comes to an art form. The most used and most wanted overdrive pedal (also called “The Holy Grail” of overdrive) is the Famous GREEN TS808 from Ibanez. I mean the old one here, build late ’70s by Nisshin that developed the first Tube Screamer. The legendary Tube Screamer debuted in 1979 and that was later popularized by many players that set the tone. I think almost every guitar player owns or pre-owned at least one of the amazing 43 generations.
In general TS are also known cons of this beautiful instrument. The one I heard most that it is a little mild and it’s not really get you over that edge that is sometimes needed. In some cases you like to take it to 11, but it stops at 10. DrNo has now worked out the second and final version of his answer to your overdrive needs.

The PowerDriver MKII is to be called the Holy Grail on steroids and his answer to green, namely….RED. Red represents the colour of anger, screaming, an outlet of emotions that need to be set free in making music and Rock and Roll. With its organic, warm overdrive this is a must have on your pedal-board. Together with the original and rare to find ingredients the finesse of this pedal takes you beyond any other overdrive pedal you ever used before.
Also added a “heavy duty toggle switch” on the side to change your overdrive character in two settings, authentic and aggressive.
Type: Overdrive
Color: Red, with Silver and Gold hand silkscreen.
Functions: Volume (Right), Tone (Middle), Gain (Left).
Right upper side “Mini Heavy Duty Toggle Switch” to add a extra Diode to the circuit that creates a more “Tube and mid-range sound” On/Off. This only interacts with high gain settings.
Power Supply: DC 9Volts with 2.1 mm jack Negative point. (No Battery function)