JAM pedals TubeDreamer+ overdrive


JAM pedals TubeDreamer+ overdrive

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Our Flagship Vintage overdrive pedal ! An extended version of our TD72 with a High Gain stage, tailored for those that need just a touch more gain than they can get from a typical overdrive. With the HighGain switch you can boost your TubeDreamer sound and depending on your gain setting, you can either achieve a thicker, creamier overdrive sound, or touch the limits of a sweet, fat vintage distortion sound !

Our newest addition and improvement is an internal trimmer that regulates the output level of the high gain switch, so you can choose between a boosted signal, or maintaining the same volume when in high gain mode.

– True-Bypass
– Controls : Level , Tone, Gain, High Gain switch (TD+, TD88)
– It works with a 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC-adaptor (negative tip)
– It uses only 6mA of power when ON
– Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm
– Limited Life-time warranty !