Solid Gold FX Surf Rider III reverb – Custom Shop Bullion Gold


Solid Gold FX Surf Rider III reverb – Custom Shop Bullion Gold

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The Surf Rider III is an updated and expanded variation of our classic Surf Rider reverb designed to deliver an incredible array of warm, lush, 3-dimensional reverb tones in one compact pedal. The Surf Rider III’s rich feature makes it easy to dial in the perfect shade of verb. Using the Decay and Resonance controls, the length and decay of the reverb signal can be fine-tuned to simulate the sounds of small rooms, gated verbs, dense ambient washes and of course, classic amp and surf sounds. The depth and level controls give end users full access to the overall intensity and output of the pedal while the tone knob allows for fine adjustment of the reverb timbre making it easy to pair with any rig. A foot-switchable reverb level boost adds an additional reverb voicing while an expression pedal input offers on the fly Depth adjustments giving users the ability to create crashing tidal waves of sound. Whether you are looking for a highly musical traditional reverb or a more over the top saturated sound the new Surf Rider III is sure to please.

Tone: Turning this knob to the left will make the reverb darker while turning to the right will make the reverb brighter.
Res: This 3 position switch controls the resonance of the reverb signal by way of negative feedback. With the switch in the center position, the resonance circuit is bypassed. An internal trimpot allows you to dial in the low setting (down position) while the high setting (up position) is fixed.
Decay: This knob controls the decay time of the reverb signal thus creating a vast range of sounds from small rooms to more ambient tones in addition to classic surf reverb.
Depth: This controls the intensity of the reverb signal. When using the expression pedal input, set the Depth knob to the maximum desired setting. We recommend using the M-Audio EXP or Mission Engineering EP-1R Expression pedals.
Level: This controls the mix level or volume of the reverb signal. This control is active in both Hi and Lo level settings.
Boost Footswitch: This switch allows you to boost or cut the reverb level. When the Boost LED is on, the Hi level mode is engaged. When the Boost LED is off, the Lo level is engaged and a portion of the reverb level is reduced. An internal trimpot allows you to adjust to level reduction of the Lo setting. Turning the trimpot clockwise will reduce the overall reverb level of the Lo setting.
Bypass Switch: Allows you to engage or bypass the effect. The Surf Rider III is True Bypass.
Current Draw: Approx. 53mA
9V DC Input: This pedal uses a negative ground, 9V DC power supply. Battery operation is not possible. Power supply or batteries not included
Dimensions: 4.67″ x 3.68″ x 1.18″ (119mm x 94mm x 30mm)