Paradox Effects – Fortissimo

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Paradox Effects – Fortissimo boost

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If your guitar lacks definition due to your instrument’s old pickups, and looking to give a push on your distortion’s gain stage without making it muddy, or you’d simply want a pre-amp to lightly color your tone, than Fortissimo is for you!

Fortissimo has a high input impedance that guarantees eliminating “Tonesucking” that some instruments have, assuring definition and clarity on your guitar’s whole spectrum.

It’s output level can surpass 8volts peak to peak, How much is this? A lot, believe it. You can use it as a Boost after your high gain effects, or as a pre-amp to add more dirt to your overdrives. Fortissimo is an extremely versatile effect for its simple controls.



Controls the amplitude level of the signal, on the first f it can work as a buffer, obtaining clarity and definition on your tone, similar to unity gain, on the second ff, there’s more output level, on the third fff the effect adds a soft distortion, a la vacuum tube.


HI/LOW: Low pass filter for a darker tone Boost.


Fortissimo uses a regular 9-volt DC power supply, with a positive barrel[+] and a negative tip at the center [-] of 2.1mm in diameter. This pedal doesn’t include a battery option.


1) Fortissimo’s Headroom is immense, we recommend starting at low gain when fixing your amplifier’s EQ.

2) It can be arranged before your distortion pedals to obtain more dirt.

3) It can be arranged after your distortions to boost fuzzes, overdrives or any other high gain effect you have before Fortissimo, boosting your tone’s overall integrity.

4) Rock hard!