smallsound/bigsound buzzz

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smallsound/bigsound buzzz. highly versatile, ripping octave fuzz

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the buzzz is my highly modified take on the classic and epically gnarly superfuzz circuit… made more super! i have always loved the beautifully discordant harmonics and searing fuzztones available in the original but as goes with everything, i felt the need to mess with the circuit and expand upon it.

the buzzz keeps the standard superfuzz sounds – a scrambled and clangy fuzz with pronounced upper octaving and lower harmonics/sub-frequencies – and adds additional controls to access milder dirty boost and drive tones, gated sputter and low buzz-tones.

the highly interactive controls include a wider gain range, voltage starve, gain modifier toggle, passive LPF, octave on/off and tone-blast toggle make for a surprisingly versatile fuzz capable of overdrive, buzzsaw fuzz and blistering octavia.

so many folks wanted the octave on a footswitch. wait no! …the tone-blast on a footswitch. wait no! octave! tone-blast! ok ok, i relented and gave buzzz the ability to toggle the left footswitch function between either tone-blast or octave… the choice is yours!

please use a standard 9V DC power supply (designed for musical instruments) with a negative center 2.1mm barrel and do NOT run at higher voltages. peak current draw is around 18mA.

gain: controls the amount of gain from low drive to heavy fuzz. works in conjunction with the gain modifier toggle for even more range!

starve: lowers the supply voltage for non-linear tone changes which include gating, decreased headroom and clarity and decreased frequency bandwidth. clockwise is full 9V.

volume: simple enough. it can be LOUD, depending on the settings of the gain control, so start with it low.

treble: a passive LPF.

gain modifier toggle (black triangle): LEFT for less gain, RIGHT for more gain.

oct/tone toggle, !!! footswitch and white triangle toggle: these 3 controls work together in a unique way to provide 2 possible footswitch functions – either an octave up/down or a heavy midrange scoop/boost. when the triangle toggle is RIGHT, the oct/tone toggle controls the EQ while the !!! footswitch controls the octave. when the triangle toggle is to the LEFT, the oct/tone toggle controls the octave while the !!! footswitch controls the EQ.