TOMKAT Pedals – Bender Fuzz

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TOMKAT Pedals – Bender Fuzz

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The bender is my take on the sola sound tonebender professional mark II. I’ve stayed true to the original circuit with a few modifications. I changed some capacitor values for more low end response, used nos germanium transistors I got from the ukraine, and added an external bias knob for the last transistor in the circuit.

LEVEL: overall volume. I changed some values here to give much more output.

Fuzz: overall fuzz/attack. All the way CCW is pretty dirty and fully cw is extremely nasty with a bit of oscillation. Lotsa fuzz here. Interacts with “texture” knob. Cleans up with with your guitar’s volume knob.

Text: changes the bias or texture of the last transistor. all the way CCW gives you that classic mushy smooth germanium fuzz sound. you’ll have to turn up the level a bit to compensate. all the way CW is much louder and crisper/crunchier. you’ll notice a more transparent gain at lower fuzz settings. my favorite setting is at 3:00 for classic tonebender bias with the fuzz knob cranked and playing throgh the neck pickup for some serious speaker moving, crap your pants low end, lose your neighbors fuzz.

Works with standard boss style 9vdc negative center power supply and I’ve build in a voltage inverter so you can safely daisy chain this with your other effects. True bypass. Top mount jacks.