6 Degrees FX – Rodeo Drive

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6 Degrees FX – Rodeo Drive

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Rodeo Drive is a modded Bluesbreaker with more advanced EQ

This is a medium gain overdrive which is designed to have only the simplest controls for straightforward use.

It sounds like a cranked Marshall with very ballsy, fat, and meaty tone, yet it retains very sensitive dynamic like all the other 6 Degrees pedals.

Rodeo Drive can go from light crunch to saturated drive and with its attitude and spirit it can easily nail any 80’s classic.

Tone stack EQ

The tone knob splits low and high then blend them together. This will allow you to get heavier bass without losing clarity on the top end, or you can turn the tone up and thin out the bass for that bright punk rock tone.

Clipping Intensity Internal Trimpot

The 2015 Rodeo Drive now comes equipped with a trimpot which controls the overall clipping. Counter-clockwise = warm, natural clipping. Clockwise = more aggressive, edgy, fuzzy tone.


– 4.5” (L) x 3.5″ (W) x 2″ (H) [2.5″ including knobs] 0.95 lb
– 11.5 cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 5cm (H) [6.5cm including knobs] 430g
– 9V DC to 18 DC or battery
– True bypass