Industrialectric RM-1N reverb

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Industrialectric RM-1N reverb

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The rm-1n is my take on what i always wanted to have in a reverb, people have called it an amp in a box.

– lite spring/room to massive ambient chaotic reverb
– boost-overdrive-distortion-fuzz going into and out of the reverb, the gain knobs can be used on their own as well as with the reverb
– unique massive chaotic drone
– dark and lite frequencies for unique reverb textures
– infinite reverb at the flick of a switch
– massive reverb depth which introduces explosive gain when turned all the way up
– momentary footswitch for oscillation on the fly or creating long beautiful trails
– you can select between the two distinct outputs of the reverb module or both
– feedback to trail into madness
– tone control for deep reverb
– master level to tame everything
– mix from dry to wet and everything in between
– top mounted power and jacks
– powered with a standard (-9v) boss, one spot, adapter
– every enclosure finish is completely unique
– built on a professional pcb, completely hand made from scratch
– reverse polarity circuit protection
– lifetime warranty