Catalinbread Pareidolia vibrato

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Catalinbread Pareidolia vibrato

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Replicates early 60’s fender “harmonic” vibrato.
A unique effect mix of tremolo, vibrato, phasor, and filter.
Extended depth and rate for more sounds and speed.
Roll back Depth to double as a clean boost.

Technical Specifications
2.34″ x 4.39″ pedal
Battery operation or 9v-18v Negative Tip DC Power
1 mA draw

• The VOLUME knob controls overall output. With plenty of gain on tap, the Pareidolia can double as a booster by rolling the Depth down all the way.
• DEPTH controls the amount of harmonic tremolo being added to your signal. The Depth control is able to be completely dry or can go from just a slight shimmer in your sound to undulating ocean waves.
• The RATE controls the speed of the sinewave LFO and ranges from molasses slow phase sweeps to lush tremolo and skittery chops.