Paradox Effects – Oniric


Paradox Effects – Oniric delay

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Oniric is a digital delay with an analog voice, the filtering is designed so it grants darkness and warmth to every repetition, generating a cavernous sensation trademark of BBD devices (Bucket Brigade Delay). The heart of this effect lies in its WARP mode that provides a pseudo-aleatory modulation to the echo circuit, able to create tetric and wandering sonic landscapes, or pitch shifted beats in the fashion of a modular synth.


WARP The WARP footswitch transports your guitar to the synthetic domain of the modular synthesis. The sum of various oscillators generates a unique pseudo-aleatory signal that produces frequency fluctuations out of the conventional spectrum: a distant memory of a dreamt sound, the sensation of being underwater, the superposition of modulations that generate a deep sonic landscape with textures that evolve willingly through time. 

WARP CONTROL on: activates the pseudo-aleatory modulation. off: default periodic modulation 

Triangle waveform modulation or: Square waveform modulation 

RATE Controls the modulations frequency/speed. 

DEPTH Change the depth of the modulation affecting the delay’s time. 

MIX Adjust the proportion between the delay and your clean signal, beyond 0db you’ll be able to cover your clean signal. 

TIME Controls the time in-between every repetition of the delay. 

FBACK Adjusts the number of repititions reproduced starting from the first repetition. 

POWER The Oniric uses a regular 9-volt DC power supply, with a positive barrel[+] and a negative tip at the center [-] with a diameter of 2.1mm. This pedal doesn’t include a battery option.