CIOKS Flex Cable type 2


CIOKS Flex Cable type 2

Available in 30 and 50cm (same price)

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Type 2 plug – red 5.5/2.1mm centre positive DC-plug, less popular but typically used in older or positive ground pedals as for example ’69 Pedal, Soulbender or Octafuzz from Fulltone or Voodoo Lab’s Proctavia. Also used with all Moogerfoogers, Radial Tonebone pedals, Empress Super Delay or Vintage Delay, high voltage Diamond pedals ex. Memory Lane or Halo Chorus, Roger Linn’s Adrenalin or Morpheus Droptune pedal just to mention a few.

Available with angled plug (L-shaped) in two lengths: 30 and 50cm.