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Paradox Effects – Defibrillator fuzz

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Can’t wait to melt your friend’s faces while you shred? Tired of living under the subordination of classic distortions like the big muff or the tube screamer?

Defibrillator is a Fuzz you need to hear, with light emmiting diodes (LED) to distort your instrument with the unusual Antiresonant Tonestack that makes your guitar travel through a world of textures with radical changes, this makes the Defibrillator a fuzz with many Fuzzes within.



The Antiresonant Filter of the Defibrillator takes the effect through totally different dimensions; at 7 o’clock you’ll have a muff lacking high frequencies, as you turn the knob clockwise, the high end starts to appear, drastically changing the Fuzz’s hue, this tone control is HIGHLY responsive.


A control designed to soften the distortions harshness when the instrument has active pickups, or can be used as a conventional gain control.


Controls the output level of the effect.

Octave Down Oscillation

Besides from all mentioned, switching to this mode turns your instrument almost like synthesizer with a fat and octave tone


A boost that besides giving even more output level, colors the tone of your fuzz, chaos and destruction.


The Defibrillator uses a regular 9-volt DC power supply, with a positive barrel[+] and a negative tip at the center [-] with a diameter of 2.1mm. This pedal doesn’t include a battery option.


1) Besides using this pedal for guitar or bass, experiment with Synths, Keyboards, Beat-boxes, the tone control can take them to unimaginable places.

2) Due to the HIGH responsiveness of the tone control, we recommend moving it carefully to find your ideal fuzz.

3) Be ware activating the shock switch, it might be more gain than you expect.