Paradox Effects – Fuzz-E Cat


Paradox Effects – Fuzz-E Cat

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This pedal is a roaring oscillatory feline, a Fuzz designed to cross the sonic limits of any conventional distortion. The idea was to create an effect that was versatile, musical, and deafening with only two controls; VOLUME and FUZZ, setting your instrument on course through the esoteric Fuzztone dimension, filled with a harmonic content, followed by oscillatory tones that envelop and color your guitar.

However not everything is chaos and destruction. With the switch on GATE mode, you can eliminate the oscillation, unearthing a Fuzz free of Hissings, common on high gain pedals.




The Fuzz knob Works differently depending on the position of the switch: GATE/OSC.

On OSC. mode, the Fuzz knob controls the frequency of the oscillation, creating an unsettled semi-triangular tone that covers the effect and changes it’s timbre, on Lower frequencies you have a Muff style distortion, as you increase the tone to a Higher frequency, it gets thin and gritty.

On GATE mode, the Fuzz knob acts similar to a PWM, modulating the pulse width of a square wave, this changes the distortion’s timbre, ranging from a skinny octave up tone, to a fat and sleazy fuzz with octave decays. As all Gated Fuzz, this mode is extremely silent until the instrument is attacked.


Controls the output level of the effect.


The Fuzz-E Cat uses a regular 9-volt DC power supply, with a positive barrel[+] and a negative tip at the center [-] with a diameter of 2.1mm. This pedal doesn’t include a battery option.


This effect is highly responsive to the Input conditions, for which it is recommended:

1) Play with the Volume knob of your guitar to obtain different oscillation frequencies and mixes between the effect’s oscillation and your instrument.

2) Experiment with the attack and dynamics as you rock, the effect responds in a varied and unpredictable way depending on how hard or soft you strike the instrument.

3) On Gate mode, the decay can be unpredictable and glitchy, creating octaves on different regions of the sounds’ envelop, we recommend to experiment with it.

_WARNING_ Due to the high amplitude of the audible frequency waves emitted by this pedal, it’s possible to get hurt if you’re not cautious, we wouldn’t want wounded people; we recommended to start at low volumes until reaching a pleasing level :).